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School should be more than just books and pencils!

If you are looking for a fun and interactive way to have your kids learn about dinosaurs and palaeontology then Devil's Coulee Dinosaur & Heritage Museum is what you are looking for!

We offer hands on experiences in the exciting world of palaeontology for all ages;
with a school tour package designed specifically for their age group.
School's Packages & Costs
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Museum Tour Museum Tour Museum Tour Museum Tour Museum Tour Site Tour
Dino Prints Dino Prints Webbing Casting Video Site Survey  
Paleo Diggs Paleo Diggs Food Chains Fossil Impressions Excavation Video  
Activity Sheets Who's Who in the Mesozoic Fossil Impressions Prof. Noggin's Card Game Excavate!  
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Overview of costs:
*School Museum Tours and Activities (any age group) Prices are being revised
* School Museum Tours, Activities and Site Tour (any age group) Prices are being revised


Overview of Tour Options:

Museum Tour Students receive an age oriented guided tour of the dinosaur gallery
Dino Footprints Students make plaster casts of dinosaur footprints to take home.
Paleo Diggs Students learn proper techniques of excavation and can then test their palaeo skills in a mock bone bed.
Activity Sheets Various sheets including word searches, coloring activities, dot to dots etc.
Who's Who in the Mesozoic Students use pictures and flow charts to study body types and decipher the different dinosaur family groups.
Webbing An interactive game that teaches student the interrelationships between organisms in their environments.
Food Chains Students compare modern animals and prehistoric creatures to learn about their functions in a food chain.
Casting Movie A video that shows the various techniques of casting and why it is important.
Fossil Impressions Students get a chance to cast their own fossil remains much like technicians do.
Prof Noggins Card Game A Dinosaur's Trivial Pursuit
Site Survey Students will undertake a simulation of the entire palaeontological process.
Excavate! Small groups of students are given a miniature bone bed and are required to carefully excavate the fossils and reconstruct the remains of a prehistoric creature.
Excavation Video Students learn about the techniques and processes of excavation.
Site Tour Students are taken to Devil's Coulee Dinosaur Egg Site and are guided through the coulees on an exploration of the past. They learn how to identify fossils in their original setting and get a chance to see the remains up close.
Heritage Gallery Tour If interested in our Heritage Gallery Tour please request so when booking your tours. Note: no extra charge.

Note: Movies and some activities may differ slightly from the above.

Foot Prints

Make casts of dinosaur footprints to take home!
Educational Tours are available year round.

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