The Find at Devil's Coulee


The Devil's Coulee discovery was iniated by Wendy Sloboda, a young local girl from Warner, Alberta, Canada. She was interested in fossils and artifacts and one day found what she believed to be dinosaur eggshell along the Milk River Ridge in May of 1987. She sent it to Dr. Len Hills of the University of Calgary who sent it to Dr. Philip Currie of the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Drumheller. Dr. Phillip Currie confirmed that the pieces were dinosaur eggshell and immediately sent a crew of prospectors down to Warner to search the coulees for a similar site to that found in northern Montana of dinosaur eggs and babies.

After days of searching and really not finding anything, the crew came upon Devil’s Coulee. After searching all day technician Kevin Aulenback, sat down on a small hill for a bite to eat. Upon looking to the ground on his right he saw eggshell and on his other side he found an embryonic femur sticking out of out the ground. He ran back to the camp and after stumbling over the words “babies” and“eggs” for a few minutes the crew realized that Kevin had found something and went to investigate. Sure enough there were babies and eggs! Unfortunately the day was coming to a close, but the crew scheduled to come out a few days later to uncover the nesting site of some Hadrosaur (duckbill) dinosaurs.


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