Wendy Sloboda

History of the Museum

        Devil's Coulee Dinosaur & Heritage Museum is operated by the Devil's Coulee Cooperating Society to bring to life the story of the dinosaur discovery made in Warner, Alberta in 1987. A local girl, Wendy Sloboda, was hiking through the coulees of the Milk River Ridge, when she came across what she believed to be dinosaur eggs shells. The finding was confirmed by Dr. Len Hills at the University of Calgary and Dr. Phillip Currie at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology.

        This discovery made by Wendy spurred a search by a team from the Royal Tyrell Museum of the area for dinosaur eggs. What was found would make a huge impact in the paleontological field. Hadrosaur eggs were found with embryotic material still inside them.

       Such a discovery is something that needs to be shared and preserved, which is where the museum comes in. The museum was opened to tell the story of the paleontological history of Devil's Coulee and over the years has grown to include more paleontological history from Southern Alberta as well as the Heritage of the Warner, Area